Internet for Artists: Ideas for Effective Blog Posts

A well curated artist blog can supplement your website, increase your audience’s understanding of your artistic practice and raise your online profile. But sometimes, just the idea of starting a blog can seem intimidating. How often has the question, “But what do I blog about” crossed your mind?
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While the content and style of your blog will obviously be customized to your personal aesthetic and artistic vision, here are three broad types of posts you can consider organizing your blog around.
1. Newsletter
This is what most people immediately think of when they begin blogging. This kind of blog features straight to the point updates about what you are up to. These posts often include information like upcoming show dates and locations, press releases, and any newsworthy updates (like winning a grant or being accepted into a fellowship program) you wish to share with your audience.
A good example can be found on Steve Lambert’s artist website which features a “News” page that shares all the relevant information for his speaking engagements as well as sharing links to any articles written by outside sources about his work.
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2. Window into the Practice

“Window into the Practice” blogs immerse your audience in the process behind your work.

Understandably, many artists shy away from putting up anything but their perfect finished work, but being open with your process and inviting people to see the behind-the-scenes aspects of your practice is a great way to get them rooting for you and become invested in the finished work.

On his website, Tucker Nichols shares photos from his studio that document his work in progress, giving his audience an intimate look at his artistic practice.

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3. Tastemaker

A “Tastemaker” blog shares information about the art world and community that you’re plugged into outside of your studio.

Do you know of other innovative artists in you medium whose work you’d like to share? Do you know any tips of the trade that have made art-making and sharing easier for you and others in your area? You can share them here.

Although your blog is usually meant to showcase your own art, these kinds of blog posts pique people’s interest in you as a thought-leader and build a community around your blog that you can tap into for support of your individual work.

The popular website In The Make is a great example of a collection of tastemaker posts. Photographer Klea McKenna and writer Nikki Grattan conducted studio visits and interviews with contemporary artists across the West Coast. Their conversations with the wider artist community in turn drove people to their personal websites and individual art-making practices.Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.14.00 PM

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