Corey Dargel to Perform at Creative Capital's Homecoming Dance Benefit, Oct 15

Corey Dargel Presents “The Three Christs” at the 2015 Creative Capital Retreat
Creative Capital artist Corey Dargel will perform at our upcoming Homecoming Dance Benefit (October 15, Manny Cantor Center, NYC). While music critic Alex Ross described Corey’s voice as “baroquely unclassifiable,” a recent article said he was “equally at home in the opera house, the concert hall and the performance-art space.” And naturally, he is at home in the Creative Capital community, whose artists are known for bending and blending genres.
Above, watch Corey’s recent presentation and performance at the 2015 Creative Capital retreat, on his project The Three Christs. And, make sure you catch his performance next Thursday, October 15, at our Homecoming Dance Benefit! Click here for more info.

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