Climbing Up to the Next Level


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DawN Crandell with artist and PDP workshop leader Dread Scott

This post originally appeared on reflectionslifeartistmom, the blog of Artists Summer Institute participant DawN Crandell. Artists Summer Institute kicked off earlier this week and runs through August 9. ASI is a five-day intensive series of workshops, seminars, and presentations featuring curriculum from Creative Capital’s Professional Development Program and LMCC’s content on financials and entrepreneurship for artists.
Wow. My brain is full and my body is exhausted and there is that familiar fear and anxiety based on insecurities of not enough. I’m not enough, I’m not doing enough. I don’t have enough. But today those feelings are being pushed to the background because I am gaining the skills and deeper confidence to climb up to the next level in my career.
For the past two days I’ve been a participant in the Artist Summer Institute presented by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and Creative Capital. Along with fifty-four other NYC artists, yesterday I learned about strategic planning and business planning for my career. Today was focused on marketing. I am making so many great connections and am beyond inspired by all the other artists.
There were so many moments from today that have left impressions on me, but one that I would like to share is the moment when in a breakout group I was getting feedback about my website, which exists but I haven’t publicly launched it because it’s not ready yet. As the group give critical feedback I felt my ego readying to respond defensively and I started to, but then I was able to rein it in and really take in everyone’s feedback, remembering that the whole point is to strengthen my skills. So I took a breath and took notes. And now I am sorting through people’s feedback, putting it into three different categories. There is the spot on feedback like that I need to have the opening image be a great headshot of me. Then there is the feedback that I don’t agree with, and finally the feedback that I had a gut defensive reaction to but when I acknowledged to myself that was mainly coming from a place of ego, I was able to open up and receive it.Tomorrow the focus is on finances. I am equal bits excited and nervous, but ultimately grateful because this is probably one of the areas where I need the most growth. Tonight I go to sleep with the belief that this moment is a turning point for me and in the morning I will walk into the room ready to expand and thrive.
DawN Crandellpeace and movement,
P.S. Here’s a fun selfie from the ferry to Governors Island this morning where the Artist Summer Institute is taking place. It’s a wonderful way to start the day!

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