Video: Kyle Abraham & Wendy Whelan in the Studio

This week at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Kyle Abraham (2013 Performing Arts) performs with renowned ballet dancer Wendy Whelan in the world premiere of Restless Creature, a project initiated by Whelan in collaboration with four male choreographers. Restless Creature is a suite of four duets, each with its own distinct style and artistry, created by and danced with Kyle Abraham, Joshua Beamish, Brian Brooks and Alejandro Cerrudo. Following the premiere at Jacob’s Pillow (August 14-18), the work will tour in Spring 2014 to nine cities, including New York, London and Boston.

Jacob’s Pillow created this video to give some insight into Abraham and Whelan’s process in the creation of this new dance, entitled The Serpent and the Smoke. Whelan, who has danced with the New York City Ballet for 29 years, initiated this project to work with choreographers outside of the ballet world and expand her practice. She writes, “I have a lot of energy, curiosity and desire that I want to keep exploring.”

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