Creative Capital at PULSE NY: Auction Preview + Franco Mondini-Ruiz's "Spring Flings & Pretty Things"

Creative Capital at PULSE NY 2013
This weekend, we’re at PULSE NY (May 9-12) presenting our 2013 Auction Presale, featuring work by LaToya Ruby Frazier, Ken Gonzales-Day, Simone Leigh, Lisa Sigal, Kerry Skarbakka, Trimpin and other amazing Creative Capital grantees. The tree you see on the right side of the photos is Sam Van Aken’s Tree of 40 Fruit. Through a process of sculpting by way of grafting and pruning, Van Aken has created a group of trees that, when mature, will have the capacity to grow over 40 varieties of fruit. You can learn more his project and all the auction artworks at

Franco Mondini-Ruiz special project at PULSE NY
At PULSE, we’re also presenting a special project, Spring Flings & Pretty Things, featuring the dynamic Texas artist Franco Mondini-Ruiz (2001 Visual Arts) in the unlikely role of exhibiting and selling his own works at the fair. Franco’s practice incorporates painting, sculpture, installation, performance, storytelling and a dose of entrepreneurial panache, and he’s created a fabulous new body of work for PULSE. Come visit, he’s makin’ deals!
Franco Mondini-Ruiz at PULSE NY
Franco Mondini-Ruiz, "Spring Flings & Pretty Things"
Franco Mondini-Ruiz at PULSE NY
Franco Mondini-Ruiz at PULSE NY

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