Podcast: Working With Institutions & Galleries

Stuart Horodner moderated the focus session “Working with Institutions & Galleries” at the 2012 Creative Capital Artist Retreat.
Navigating the logistics of exhibiting artwork with a gallery or museum can be daunting. How do you choose a gallery or museum that might show your work? What’s the best way to propose your project? Once you’ve found an institutional partner, how do you talk about things like money, promotion, labor and other kinds of support? Should you even bother engaging with the market or commercial art scene?
At Creative Capital’s Artist Retreat in July, we convened a focus session to explore the complexities of this topic. This session was an open roundtable discussion facilitated by Stuart Horodner, Artistic Director at Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, with Lisa Sigal (2012 Visual Arts grantee); Meg Malloy, a director at the contemporary art gallery Sikkema Jenkins & Co; and Paul Rucker (2012 Visual Arts grantee). We recorded the conversation so that we could share it as a podcast with our larger network. (A note about the recording: There was some ambient noise in the classroom where this conversation took place.)
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