Faces from the 2012 Artist Retreat

In July, Creative Capital convened nearly 250 grantees, consultants, board, staff and guests at Williams College for our Artist Retreat—three days of presentations, focus sessions, one-on-one consultations, and more. (Photo by Roman Iwasiwka)

Before the official start of the Artist Retreat, we had two days of intensive “Pre-Retreat” professional development sessions for the 2012 grantees. Above, Ruby Lerner (CC’s President & Executive Director) introduces PR consultant Carla Sacks, who spoke to the 2012 grantees about working with a publicist.

2012 grantees in discussion during the Pre-Retreat.

2012 grantees in Pre-Retreat professional development session.
Lunchtime on the grass between Pre-Retreat sessions.

During the Artist Retreat, each grantee presented on his/her work. Above, Brad Butler (2012 Film/Video) presented on his project, Direct Speech Acts. (Photo by Roman Iwasiwka)
Retreat attendees taking in grantee presentations. (Photo by Roman Iwasiwka)
Daniel Eisenberg (2012 Film/Video) presented on his project, The Unstable Object. (Photo by Roman Iwasiwka)
Retreat attendees Michelle Coffey (Lambent Foundation) and Anita Contini (Bloomberg Philanthropies) take a breather between presentations. (Photo by Roman Iwasiwka)
Attendees also participated in Focus Sessions between presentations.

Grantee Jae Rhim Lee (2009 Emerging Fields) in a Focus Session. (Photo by Roman Iwasiwka)

Focus Session discussion “Natural and Post Natural: Mixing Science, Nature, Food and Art.”
Grantees in focus session on tax planning for artists. (Photo by Roman Iwasiwka)

Simone Leigh (2012 Visual Arts) in Focus Session. (Photo by Roman Iwasiwka)

A mixer for artists and consultants working in Visual Arts and Emerging Fields. (Photo by Roman Iwasiwka)
Creative Capital Board Member Ron Feldman and grantee Sam Van Aken (2009 Emerging Fields).

Karolina Sobecka (2009 Emerging Fields), Jim Skuldt (2012 Visual Arts) and Darik Windham (Retreat staff). (Photo by Roman Iwasiwka)

Grantees had one-on-one meetings with consultants on the last day of the Retreat.

Grantees eteam (Hajoe Moderegger and Franziska Lamprecht, 2009 Emerging Fields) meet with consultant Matthew Lyons (middle).

Rick Prelinger (2012 Film/Video), Natalia Almada (2005 Film/Video) and Chris Doyle (2000 Visual Arts). (Photo by Roman Iwasiwka)

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