In Focus: Carlos Motta's "We Who Feel Differently"

In January, Carlos Motta was awarded a Creative Capital grant for his project Gender Talents, a documentary video installation about how transgender, intersex, gender-benders and neutral-gender advocates are constructing alternative gender identities in a trans-phobic world.
Motta’s work is currently featured in the exhibition We Who Feel Differently at the New Museum in New York, through September 9. We Who Feel Differently explores the idea of sexual and gender “difference” after four decades of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, Queer and Questioning politics. The exhibition draws from Motta’s database documentary and features a video installation based on 50 interviews with LGBT academics, activists, artists, politicians, researchers and radicals. Motta has also invited local queer artists, activists and academics to hold a series of public events in conjunction with the exhibition.

A selection of demo interviews from Carlos Motta’s We Who Feel Differently video archive

Gender Talents, Motta’s Creative Capital project, departs from We Who Feel Differently in that it also advocates for self-determination and the celebration of sexual and gender difference as a civic and a political strategy to improve our personal and collective freedom. Motta envisions Gender Talents as a multi-channel, interview-based documentary video installation in chapters—each composed of interviews as well as original and archival footage.
Carlos Motta’s We Who Feel Differently is on view at the New Museum through September 9. You can watch excerpts from Motta’s interviews above, or browse the video archive for the project at

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