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Paul Shambroom, 75mm M51 Skysweeper anti-aircraft gun, American Legion Post 127, Buford, Georgia
For Creative Capital’s annual Benefit & Auction, we’re auctioning off 15 artworks by our amazing grantees, beginning with online bidding through 5:00pm on May 10 and continuing with live and silent auctions that evening at our Benefit party at the Tribeca home of Paige West. All proceeds benefit Creative Capital’s mission of supporting artists pursuing adventurous projects in all disciplines. Here’s a preview of a few of the outstanding works you can purchase:
Paul Shambroom (2001 Visual Arts) donated 75mm M51 Skysweeper anti-aircraft gun, American Legion Post 127, Buford, Georgia, from his most recent series of photographs, SHRINES: Public Weapons in America. In the Shrines series Shambroom—who describes himself as a photographer who examines American power and culture—explores what happens to weapons of war when they survive both combat and the scrapheap to be given second lives as public monuments. Mounted in town squares, city parks, armories, VFW or American Legion posts, these incongruous artifacts become memorials, tourist attractions, signs for businesses or playground equipment. Whether proud, provocative, humorous or sad, these machines raise questions about why we so eagerly incorporate them into our communities and our response to war and remembrance in America.

Dread Scott, Peking University 1967

Dread Scott, Shenyang 1967
Dread Scott (2001 Visual Arts) contributed two altered silkscreen prints, Peking University 1967 and Shenyang 1967, which are based on Revolutionary Archive, a series of Scott’s paintings that draw on archival imagery from the Russian Revolution, the Chinese Revolution and the Paris Commune. The archival prints in our auction depict people in communist China covering walls with “big character posters.” Scott transformed these images from the Chinese Cultural Revolution by whiting out the text in the prints, highlighting a massive effort by people to communicate their ideas about the direction of society and simultaneously obscuring the content of the actual communication. The prints excavate a hidden history where ordinary people all across China contributed to a country-wide struggle over the society’s direction.

Film stills from Animation Library. Left: Rachel Mayeri; right: Jacqueline Goss
We also compiled a fantastic Animation Library of DVDs and animated drawings from works produced by Creative Capital grantees. The collection includes over 20 animation films as well as hand-painted cels and stills, including work by a range of grantees spanning the disciplines of Film/Video, Emerging Fields and Visual Arts: Todd Downing, James Duesing, Jacqueline Goss, Rachel Mayeri, Suzan Pitt, Jeff Scher, Daniel Sousa and Marina Zurkow.
There’s so much more. Visit our auction website to browse available works, including a special project commissioned from 2008 Visual Arts grantee Eve Sussman (read more about it on The Lab here).

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