Check Out Our New Database of Artists’ Projects On Our Radar

This month Creative Capital launched On Our Radar, a new searchable database of noteworthy artists’ projects. On Our Radar currently features a wide range of Film/Video and Visual Arts projects that advanced past the first round of our grant application process last year, but were not ultimately awarded grants.

We invite you to explore On Our Radar to discover an impressive array of artists’ projects in Visual Arts and Film/Video. Visitors to our website can search On Our Radar by the artist’s medium, discipline and geography. Included are nearly 400 projects from artists in 37 states, in disciplines ranging from documentary, experimental, animated and narrative film to sculpture, public art, contemporary crafts and interdisciplinary work in the visual arts.

In each grant round, Creative Capital has the great privilege of learning about a wealth of exciting projects, but we are only able to award grants to a small percentage of the applicants. In 2011, we received nearly 3,250 Letters of Inquiry and awarded 46 grants. To review the artists’ submissions, we enlist nearly 100 arts professionals who serve as readers, evaluators and panelists. All Letters of Inquiry are scored by two readers based on how excited the reader is by the idea; by the artistic vision and the project’s potential for impact; the professional capabilities of the applicant; the feasibility of the project; and the potential for our funding and services to have an impact on the artist and project.

Through this process, the curators, gallerists, presenters, producers and programmers who evaluate the submissions often find artists who they want to work with, whether or not the projects receive a grant. On Our Radar will open up this valuable opportunity for discovery to a larger community. By promoting these projects to a wide network of arts professionals, artists, consultants, patrons, funders and other friends, we hope that we can help forge connections that lead to new opportunities for the artists.

For instance, we recently heard from visual artist Fernanda D’Agostino of Portland, OR, that she was contacted by a curator who discovered her video installation Shadows through On Our Radar! Fernanda reported, “This all happened the day after On our Radar launched. I also took [Creative Capital’s] professional development workshop here in Portland, which was a huge help…So thanks again for all the wonderful things you do for artists. Creative Capital is a very powerful lifeline—especially for those of us outside the major art centers.”

After each grant round, we will feature artists’ projects in On Our Radar for six months, to ensure that the information is timely and relevant. The current group of Film/Video and Visual Arts projects will remain online through August 31, 2012. With our application for grants in Emerging Fields, Literature and Performing Arts now underway, we will have more outstanding projects to share with you in 2013! We look forward to hearing from you about more discoveries made through On Our Radar.

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