Creative Capital On the Road: Los Angeles, February 2012

Creative Capital welcomed our new 2012 class of grantees with a celebration at LA><ART in Los Angeles on February 24. Left to right: Jill Hartz, Lyda Kuth (CC board), Sean Elwood (CC Director of Programs & Initiatives), Mike Plante (2012 grant panelist) and Richard Herskowitz.

Ruby Lerner (CC President & Executive Director) greeted the group and introduced our 2012 grantees in Film/Video and Visual Arts.

Grantees, board members and grant panelists read the names of our new grantees to the audience. Above, Erin Cosgrove (2008 Film/Video grantee and 2012 grant panelist).

Lyda Kuth (CC board), Peter Gelles (CC board) and Franklin Sirmans (LACMA Curator and 2012 grant panelist) wait for their turn to read grantee names.

Paul Rucker (2012 Visual Arts grantee) with Ruby Lerner.

Battle of the beards! Jesse Sugarmann (2012 Film/Video grantee), Sean Elwood (CC Director of Programs & Initiatives) and Jim Skuldt (2012 Visual Arts grantee).

Jeffrey Soros (CC board) with grantee Hasan Elahi (2006 Emerging Fields).

While in LA, Sean Elwood moderated a disscussion at CAA2012 with grantees Ted Purves (2005 Visual Arts), Mario Ybarra, Jr. (2008 Film/Video) and Cesar Cornejo (2009 Emerging Fields). The session was titled “Embedded: A Social Practice in the Neighborhood.”

In the conference lobby, Sheryl Oring (2009 Emerging Fields grantee) asked CAA attendees: What’s the role of the artist? Oring typed and compiled responses for the online archive of her project, I Wish To Say.

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