Authentic Branding

Learn how the world sees you. Use this knowledge to craft an authentic presentation of yourself and your work.  

Whether you know it or not, the moment you enter a room, people form an opinion about you. Only a fraction of your message is conveyed through the words you choose—what you wear, the energy and enthusiasm you convey, and how you engage others all affect how people respond to you. Corporations work exhaustively to calibrate and convey their brand. As artists we must do the same. We must know exactly who we are and what we want, and carefully sculpt the messages we send.

Discover what you project, how others perceive you and what you can do about it

A strategy to more effectively present yourself and your work and move confidently toward achieving your goals

• Short participant presentations, with feedback
• Lectures, small group activities and hands-on innovative exercises
• Designed and facilitated by a specialist who has spent more than ten years helping artists think more like successful businesses and helping successful businesses think more creatively—expanding their brands and bottom lines
• One day workshop
• For up to 20 artists, of all disciplines and all career stages.

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What people are saying 


This workshop is bigger than branding. Branding is merely the frosting. Maxine wants us to first answer the question, “Why did you bake the cake in the first place?” Most artists have no idea why we paint what we do. During the workshop, Narissa had an epiphany and broke down in tears. This will forever change her artwork. Others will go back to their studios, put the handouts in a drawer, and never change a thing.  But those of us who were ready to hear the wealth of knowledge that Maxine threw at us, our art, branding, and careers will surely benefit in a profound way."
– Nolan Haan, Workshop Participant (You Are Your Brand), Broward, Florida

“Maxine Lapiduss was an enthusiastic and energetic workshop leader. She brought a lot of her own personal experience to the day. Her connection to a more 'commercial' aspect of creativity was helpful because MFA’s are never taught any of these skills. In fact, the opposite. The workshop pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me a lot to take home and work on.”
Workshop Participant (Authentic Branding), New York

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