Creative Capital Shortlist 2022

Creative Capital and its expert reviewers and panelists have the great privilege of seeing and learning about a wealth of exciting artists’ projects each grant cycle. The 2022 Shortlist features remarkable new projects in the visual arts, performing arts, technology, film, literature, and socially engaged art in all forms that advanced to the final round in the national selection process.

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  • Leila Abdelrazaq; FIVE TIMES FAST; Drawing and Illustration; Detroit, MI
  • Kimberley Acebo Arteche; Kundiman ng Katawan; Photography, Performance Art; San Francisco, CA
  • Alia Ali; ‘روح // RU7’ (Soul, Departure); Social Practice, Experimental Film; New Orleans, LA
  • Hans Baumann, Karen Pinkus; Offset Offsite; Ecological Art, Public Art; South Pasadena, CA and Queens, NY
  • Chloe Bensahel; Soft Ware; Craft, Multimedia Performance; Washington, DC
  • Yaminay Chaudhri; A Small Book of Tabula Rasas; Architecture and Design, Literary Fiction; Guilford, CT
  • Sean Connelly, Dominic Leong; Hawai’i Non-Linear (ALA WAI CENTENNIAL MEMORIAL PROJECT); Architecture and Design, Experimental Film; Honolulu, HI and Brooklyn, NY
  • Esperanza Cortés; Emerald City; Video Art, Installation; New York, NY
  • Franky Cruz; Vivarium Meconium Laboratory; Painting, Ecological Art; Hialeah, FL
  • Katy Delahanty, Darius Dennis, Jared Diaz; The Open Air Archive; Public Art, Painting; Louisville, KY and Queens, NY
  • Sarah Gamble; Deconstructed; Public Art, Architecture and Design; Gainesville, FL
  • Danny Giles; Josephine’s; Architecture and Design, Multimedia; Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Susan Giles; Gestural Traces and Embodied Memory; Music Composition; Chicago, IL
  • Wendy Guerrero, Samuel Kaufman; Latinfuturism Archive; Architecture and Design, Multimedia; Los Angeles, CA
  • Virginia Hanusik; The Place We Keep; Photography, Social Practice; New Orleans, LA
  • Maggie Hazen; Night Moth: A Mythology of Escape; Video Art, Social Practice; Tivoli, NY
  • Shani Jamila; Lineage; Multimedia, Painting; Brooklyn, NY
  • Elizabeth Jimenez Montelongo; The Codex Decolonizemos: A Chicana Field Guide to Self-Determination; Painting, Poetry; Santa Clara, CA
  • Osman Khan; 1001++ (Magical Technologies); Installation, Multimedia; Detroit, MI
  • Christina Yuna Ko; Our Town; Painting, Cultural Organizing; Queens, NY
  • Ian Kuali‘i; Wahi Pana – Sacred Places; Ecological Art, Cultural Organizing; Santa Fe, NM
  • RAY LC, Vincent Ruijters; CHIKYUCHI; Ecological Art, Installation; Temple City, CA;
  • Marcos Lutyens, Yuval Ron; DOME; Installation; Los Angeles, CA
  • Jeffrey Yasuo Mansfield; The Deaf Space Archive; Architecture and Design, Social Practice; Lawrence, MA
  • Suzanne McClelland; Reverse the Barge : Rivers on Fire; Ecological Art, Social Practice; Orient, NY
  • MIPSTERZ (Shimul Chowdhury, Abbas Rattani, Yusuf Siddiquee); ALHAMDU | MUSLIM FUTURISM; Installation, Digital media; Brooklyn, NY
  • Rachelle Mozman Solano; American Psyche; Video Art, Photography; Brooklyn, NY
  • Will Munroe; 3D Printed Ocean Plastic Grand Piano / Grand Piano In The National Parks; Public Art, Artistic Activism; Pasadena, CA
  • Mikael Owunna; Infinite Essence: Glass; Craft, Sculpture; Pittsburgh, PA
  • Edison Peñafiel; Those From The Other Side; Installation, Experimental Film; Miami, FL
  • Pamela J. Peters; Red Spirit – Working Title; Photography, Documentary Film; Los Angeles, CA
  • Tamara Rosenblum; The Story Of The Man Who Turned Into A Dog; Video Art, Installation; Los Angeles, CA
  • Yoshie Sakai; KOKO’s World; Installation, Video Art; Gardena, CA
  • Jazz Shoots; Inner City Huez; Photography, Multimedia; Brooklyn, NY
  • Brent Sturlaugson; Archive of Lost Mountains; Architecture and Design, Installation; Lexington, KY
  • Kenneth Tam; The Medallion; Installation, Video Art; Queens, NY
  • Pamela Valfer; Art as a Verb: Land Art as Activism; Ecological Art, Social Practice; Pasadena, CA
  • Clea T. Waite; Water Book: Perpetual Cycle; Video Art, Digital media; Boulder, CO
  • Gabriella Willenz; Imposter Syndrome (working title); Video Art, Theater; Berkeley, CA
  • Levester Williams; dreaming of a beyond; Installation, Multimedia; Philadelphia, PA
  • Savannah Wood; Hard to Get and Dear Paid For; Photography, Multimedia; Baltimore, MD
  • Guanyu Xu; Resident Aliens; Photography, Installation; Chicago, IL
  • Jade Yumang; Cast a Wide Net; Sculpture, Craft; Chicago, IL



  • olaronke akinmowo; The Free Black Women’s Library Reading Room; Social Practice, Installation; Brooklyn, NY
  • Dania Cabello, Darren Colston, Yvan Iturriaga, Shana Lancaster, Shaunnah Ray; Hella Love; Social Practice, Narrative Film; Oakland, CA
  • Omar Casas, Rawmirez Ramirez; The Myth of Affordability; Artistic Activism, Installation; McAllen, TX
  • Jana Harper; Looking for Nanaboozhoo; Social Practice, Multimedia; Nashville, TN
  • constance hockaday; Artists-In-Presidents; Social Practice, Installation; Los Angeles, CA
  • Rachel Gita Karp; VIP; Artistic Activism, Multimedia Performance; Brooklyn, NY
  • Isa KnafoPhoebe Unterman; Police Estate. A podcast series by The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project; Artistic Activism, Multimedia; Los Angeles, CA
  • Juan Luna-Avin; Sonidero Fields; Artistic Activism, Social Practice; Mountain View, CA
  • Jillian McManemin; Toppled Monuments Archive; Artistic Activism, Data Visualization; New York, NY
  • Yin Q, Ze Royale, Bridget Conway-Taylor; The Sex Workers Museum; Cultural Organizing; Brooklyn, NY
  • Luis A. Sahagun; Alivio y Asilo: Apparitions of Spiritual Activism; Artistic Activism, Social Practice; Marina, CA
  • Osagyefo Sekou; Hush Mouth Church and Juke Joint: A Tribute to the Elaine Massacre of 1919; Artistic Activism, Cultural Organizing; Seattle, WA
  • Selma Selman; The Impossible Embassy; Social Practice, Social Practice; Oakton, VA
  • Marisa Williamson; Unsettling Grounds; Artistic Activism, Multimedia Performance; South Orange, NJ


  • Beth Aala; The Script; Documentary Film; Brooklyn, NY
  • Nesa Azimi; DRIVER; Documentary Film; New York, NY
  • Lily Baldwin; Chronicle of Hip; Documentary Film, Dance Film; New York, NY
  • Lee-Jean ChowSerge Garcia; Live To Be Legend; Documentary Film, Experimental Film
  • Guisel Contreras; DOCTORA; Documentary Film; Los Angeles, CA
  • Contessa Gayles; Life + Life; Documentary Film, Music Performance; New York, NY
  • Mohammad Gorjestani; Baran Teer Shod (Rain Becomes Bullets); Narrative Film, Documentary Film; San Francisco, CA
  • Vero Majano; Dearest Homegirl; Animation, Experimental Film; San Francisco, CA
  • Lydia MoyerJennifer Hoyt Tidwell; Smoke, Fog, Gas, and Vapor; Experimental Film, Video Art; Charlottesville, VA
  • Rajee Samarasinghe; Your Touch Makes Others Invisible; Documentary Film, Experimental Film; Irvine, CA
  • Lynne Siefert; Valley of The Night (working title); Experimental Film, Documentary Film; Tacoma, WA
  • Kimi Takesue; TOUR GUIDE; Documentary Film; Brooklyn, NY



  • Yanyi; An Absolute Evil; Poetry, Literary Nonfiction; Bennington, VT
  • Andrea Abi-Karam; CRUSH PORN: A Poet’s Novel; Literary Nonfiction, Performance Art; Brooklyn, NY
  • Tom Comitta; People’s Choice Literature; Literary Fiction; New York, NY
  • Lyn Di Iorio; Hurricanes and Other Stories; Literary Fiction, Artistic Activism; New York, NY
  • Crystal Hana Kim; The Stone Home; Literary Fiction; Brooklyn, NY
  • Claire Luchette; Post Office; Literary Fiction; Cleveland, OH
  • Mark Mayer; The Central Fire; Literary Fiction; Memphis, TN
  • Nick Montfort; 101 BASIC Poems; Poetry, Software; New York, NY
  • Jennifer Perrine; Missing/Wanted; Literary Nonfiction; Portland, OR
  • Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha; The Future Is Disabled; Literary Nonfiction, Cultural Organizing; Seattle, WA
  • Robin Beth Schaer; Fathom; Poetry; Oberlin, OH
  • Matthew Shen Goodman; American Accomplice; Literary Nonfiction; Brooklyn, NY
  • Ronaldo Wilson; Silent Incantations: Learning My Mother’s Language; Poetry; Santa Cruz, CA

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