Basket-Weaving Robots and 9 Other Technology Projects We’re Funding


Imagine a robot traversing the Andes, or hearing the sounds of our dying planet—Creative Capital is thrilled to fund these Technology projects and more as part of our 2023 “Wild Futures: Art, Impact, Culture” Awards.

As Hyperallergic reported, Creative Capital artists “use innovative concepts to explore future realities.” Discover the projects below:

Image of Paula Gaetano Adi and Gustavo Crembil’s robot TZ’IJK/Mestizo Robotics at the Peruvian Amanzonia ( Paula Gaetano Adi

Reenacting José de San Martín’s revolutionary expedition of 1817, Guanaquerx is a robot seeking emancipation and a collective technological enterprise that will deploy the first robot to cross the Andes.

Website page of six different colorful digital memorial tapestries honoring the loss of: the ability to buy gifts for loved ones, light, intimate touch, a tree you loved, species of animals you'll never get to meet and a toy Indira Allegra

TEXERE is an art-based mental-health app transforming human losses into digital memorial tapestries created by posts from users of the site.

A young couple sits on the floor, leaning against an exposed brick wall, gently touching a potted rubber tree plant mounted on a Roomba vacuum that is brushing their knees, while another Roomba-mounted plant whirs over bright green carpet cutting diagonally through the foreground of the frame. Katherine Behar

Inside Outsourcing
Robots can’t make baskets. Mended by humans, their failures become sculptures, while on video, full-body motion capture performers individually guide robotic fingers to awkwardly grasp at straws.

Several video stills printed on paper are scattered haphazardly in a pile. Among them: a silver geodesic dome, a person nestled into a rock speaking into a microphone, large pipes and steaming geysers. Caitlin Berrigan

Xenolith is a speculative fiction that traces encounters with difference, contamination, and queer subjectivities through the material metaphor of the xenolith—a geological term for alien stone.

A photograph of a curvaceous, stylized sculpture of a rooster with no head mounted on top of a steel frame made in the proportions of the Eiffel Tower. In the background are the rooftops of an English seaside town. In the far distance on the horizon is the English Channel looking towards France. Overhead, gray storm clouds are forming in an otherwise blue sky. rootoftwo: Cézanne Charles & John Marshall

Anyspace? Whatever. is an architectural-scale public installation to host co-creation events to develop consentful technology practices and rights frameworks for the smart city.

A simplified map of the imaginary land Terre de Tendre, rendered in an old-fashioned style. Bang Geul Han

Terre de Tendre is an immersive artwork utilizing VR video-game technologies, based on the 17th-century allegorical map Carte du Tendre.

A barren landscape with sharp mountains and a large glacier behind an 11-spoked portable Macrophone; a woman in outdoor gear with a rifle is listening with headphones. Brian House

By making atmospheric infrasound audible with Macrophones, we can hear sounds of the climate crisis unfolding across the globe.

Dark blue satin fabric with silver thread, arranged in a geometric motif. Kite

Ohutkan / Wachacha Wiwihanble are performative actions located in Pejuta ȟaka (Kyle, SD) resulting in a unique AI system, experimental documentary, and land art.

Installation of “Synthetic Messenger”: 15 screens on pedestals of different heights showing bots browsing the web. Tega Brain & Sam Lavigne

Offset is a speculative online marketplace for carbon offsetting that both critiques the offset industry and offers an alternative.

A white background should a gameboard with a brown wooden based. On top of the geometric gray and red pieces. A hand reaches for a cluster of game pieces in the center of the gameboard. eo Studio/Tankugbe Incubation Lab: Eto Otitigbe, Michael DiCarlo, & Amanda Kerdahi

Through Tankugbe Incubation Lab, eo Studio seeks to inspire an ecosystem of artists, researchers, designers, and fabricators who value models for coauthorship, equity, and shared making.


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