2021 Retreat | Hopin Technical Instructions

All 2021 Creative Capital Artist Retreat guests will receive email invitations to join the Hopin virtual event platform on Monday, June 21. This invite email includes a link that will direct you to the Hopin event page for the retreat.

We recommend clicking on the link to confirm your Hopin event registration as soon as possible after receiving the invitation email. If you cannot locate the invitation email from Hopin in your inbox, please search for the email’s subject, “You’re in! Open this email for the Creative Capital Artist Retreat!”

When navigating the Hopin platform, we recommend using the latest version of either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

1.) Filling out your Hopin Profile

After confirming your Hopin event registration, you will then be able to fill out your Hopin Profile information by clicking on the avatar in the top-right corner of the screen. Watch a quick video on filling out your profile information (20 seconds).

2.) Event Reception page features

On the first day of the event (June 23), the Hopin Event Reception page will open up to all guests. On this Reception page, guests will be able to chat with other attendees, and browse a list of all attendees currently registered. Watch a video that summarizes features of the Hopin Event Reception page (40 seconds).

3.) Sending or scheduling a video chat invitation with another event guest

From the Hopin event Reception page, guests will be able to send invitations to each other to video chat in real-time. Guests will also be able to schedule a future video chat session. Watch how to send a real-time video chat invitation or schedule a future video chat session (45 seconds).

4.) Navigating the Stage, featuring awardee presentations

The Stage is where all guests will view awardee presentations. Guests will be able to watch awardee presentations on the Stage, but will not be able to participate themselves through audio and video. Instead, guests will be able to use the chat function to the right of the Stage presentation screen to interact with other attendees in real-time during awardee presentations. Watch a quick summary video on the Hopin Stage (20 seconds).

Email [email protected] if you have any urgent questions, or you haven’t received an email about your Hopin registration by Monday, June 21 at 6pm ET (please also check spam folders).