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Learn Online
Learn Online

Artists can now access selected workshop content and more at home, in the studio or wherever there is a computer with internet access.

When? 7-8:30pm EST. Most webinars are offered on Mondays or Thursdays. 
We offer between three to five live webinars each month, so there are new opportunities to enhance your career year-round. 

Where? Anywhere!
All you need is a computer with sound and an Internet connection. 

Everyone is welcome!Who? Everyone!
Designed for artists of all disciplines and at all career stages. If you're new to professional development or just interested in a refresher course, there is something for everyone. 

How Much? Only $25!

Workshop Calendar


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  • Webinars are 90 minutes, including lecture and Q&A sessions.
  • Taught by highly trained and experienced workshop leaders, successful artists and arts professionals.
  • Full of practical tips and tools, case studies, and personal examples from the leader's experience. 
  • Livestreamed and interactive, with tools like video streaming, polls and live text chat.
  • Webinars are recorded.  The recording will be shared with all previously registered participants after the webinar, regardless of whether participants attend the live workshop or not.
  • Special one-time-only webinars, such as our Artists Talk Tech and Conversations Inside interviews, will also be available for purchase after the fact.
  • For partner organizations, a variety of group participation and custom options are available.  More information (pdf)

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Rotating Content - Something New Every Month 
These webinars are offered regularly but no two are ever the same, within each topic a new guest is featured each time.

Hear directly from the most innovative visual arts professionals working today. Get an inside look at how curators, gallerists, critics and more think about and approach the art world as they join visual artist/gallerist Matthew Deleget for a 90-minute conversation. Past guests include: artist and curator of the 2014 Whitney Biennial Michele Grabner, writer and curator Regine Basha, curator Meredith Johnson, and critic David Pagel. 

Keep up with the constant emergence of new tools designed to help you sell, promote, or fundraise for your work. This interview series explores a specific platform in terms of it's use for artists. Guests will include a mix of platform developers and artists with experience in using new media to reach new markets. 

In this series we invite a tech savvy artist to discuss emerging trends in technology and introduce you to their newest favorite tools, from apps to websites to hardware. They’ll share what they are using and how they are using it. 

This series includes content that may be of interest to artists working in specific disciplines. Future sessions include Backups & Passwords for Busy Artists with Steve Lambert.

Regularly Offered Content
Selected workshop content in webinar format. Offered quarterly. If you are interested in one of these but can not attend live, you can register for the webinar in advance and receive a recording of that session. Recordings of these webinars will not be available for purchase after they take place.

Led by editor Ethan Nosowsky. Geared toward writers, this webinar covers all aspects of the grant and residency process: researching appropriate programs, putting together a competitive application, and making the most of both award and rejection letters.   

Led by artist Jeffrey Gibson. Covers essential components of managing your practice, including managing relationships, hiring employees, contracts, negotiation, budgeting, cash flow, time management, space organization, marketing and business etiquette. 

Led by artist Dread Scott. Reviews all aspects of marketing and introduces case studies of artists who use both traditional and non-traditional strategies. Topics include defining goals; developing tools, tactics and messaging; identifying, building, and engaging audiences and community.  

Led by artist Eve Mosher. Explains tools for using social media to communicate about your work and ideas; expand your audience, peer and professional network; and create a deeper connection with the general public.  

Led by choreographer Andrew Simonet. A practical look at budgeting for artists. Discusses misconceptions about money, four ways to improve your financial life this week, establishing life-long principles, determining your hourly rate, and creating a realistic project budget. 

Led by artists Sue Schaffner or Steve Lambert. Offers an overview of best practices for your web presence, including web site, blog, email marketing and other communications, as well as case studies of artists who have established innovative and effective web presences.

Led by Stephanie Bleyer. Highlights effective practices for community outreach & engagement based on several action-oriented case studies. Learn how to produce effective engagement campaigns for artwork that contains social justice content.

Stephanie PereiraKickstarter School
Led by Stephanie Pereira, Kickstarter's ambassador to the fine arts sector. A primer on how to bring a Kickstarter project to life. Deep dive into a case study of a successful project and learn how to structure a campaign, what kind of rewards work best, how to spread the word & other helpful tips.

Led by performing artist Richard Move. Learn best practices for good performance documentation, addressing the challenges of capturing live performance and how to create a strategic plan and budget for the documentation process.


What People Are Saying 

"Access to the video recording of a webinar is really a plus. Sure, Richard’s event was particularly rich and informative. But having the possibility to review any webinar multiplies the value of online teaching."
– Marie Sester, Webinar Participant, July 2013

“I was so surprised how well the webinar format worked, excited by how much meaningful content was packed in 90 minutes and inspired to take more like this!”
– Susan O’Malley, Webinar Participant, October 2012 

"Many thanks for the excellent seminar with Dread. The presentation was well paced, contained excellent visual examples. It was current and professional without being stodgy.  As someone with a 20-year background in PR and marketing, I’m so glad to see this kind of info available to artists.  As a 50-something emerging artist,  my training was mostly pre-web, so social media is a new Everest to climb." 
– Sandy Sarber, Webinar Participant, October 2012 

“Excellent, fluid presentation with well-organized information. As often happens for me with Creative Capital webinars, I appreciate the mix of practical advice and philosophy—very existential approach, in the positive sense.”
– Webinar Participant, Sept 2012

“The idea of having a multi-year planning calendar was particularly helpful. I also appreciate Jeffrey’s personal account of storage and all the nuts-and-bolts information about time management and storage/productivity. So much helpful and valuable stuff!"
– Webinar Participant, March 2013


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