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For more than 20 years, Creative Capital has offered professional development programs that have served more than 32,000 artists across the country. Core to our mission is our belief that professional education is key to helping artists build sustainable careers, creating equity in the arts, and fostering community through horizontal, peer education models.

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Creative Capital Curriculum

We are innovating on our approach to artist education by transforming our influential professional development workshops into a cohesive and current online curriculum. The Creative Capital Curriculum combines evergreen elements of artist professional development with contemporary critical frameworks in cultural discourse to create cohesive, multi-week asynchronous courses. Artists in the United States and around the world can take courses at their own pace with free and low cost options. 

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Representing Your Work Participating artists will learn practical, concrete techniques for writing about, speaking about, and otherwise representing their practice across a variety of professional contexts, including grant applications, artist talks, and social media. Additionally, participants will consider the concepts and many ways artists deal in representation to make meaning, exploring the ways questions of representation are central to both art and politics. The course offers skills applicable to artists working in all disciplines, including visual arts, social practice, moving image, performing arts, technology, and literature.

The Artist Lab

Enhance your learning experience through the Artist Lab, a year-round series of live online info session-styled conversations. Tune in from anywhere in the world to hear Creative Capital artists and guests discuss topics related to the Curriculum, as well as current developments in the cultural sphere. 

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Artist Lab: Artist Statements with Maura Brewer

Most grant opportunities–including the Creative Capital grant–require an artist statement, which is a piece of functional writing that communicates to a general audience what your practice is about and how viewers can understand the work that you make. But what should your artist statement actually do? In this 1-hour live online session, Maura Brewer and Aliza Shvarts will discuss best tips and best practices for artist statements, and answer questions from the audience.

Online Educational Resources

Sundance Collab Advisor Studio: Financial Planning for Creatives: From Taxes to Retirement

Sundance Collab is the Sundance Institute’s online learning and community platform for independent filmmakers at all stages of their creative journeys. Join Sundance Collab to learn through live events and courses, connect with other filmmakers through the Community Forum, and move your project forward with help from the directory of resources and grants and opportunities.

Navigating Current Challenges

In this time of upheaval and unprecedented challenge, artists are adapting to cope with the pandemic and economic shutdown. Our archived series of free online conversations shares resources and expertise for sustainable practices, assisting communities, and more.

Applying for Grants

Financial Tips

From taxes to funding to budgets, an artist’s finances are often complex and multilayered. Creative Capital helps artists consider all aspects of project funding and financial preparedness across all creative disciplines.

Career Documentation and Archiving

Career documentation and archiving are essential components of an artist’s life, practice, and legacy. These resources offer practical and multidisciplinary guidance, tips, and additional resources on how to document and archive your work.

Digital Communications

These resources provide artists with a comprehensive understanding of how to use the web to effectively communicate about their practice, exhibitions, and events, whether through email communications or social media.

Taller Archive

These resources are from Taller, a Creative Capital program tailored to address the challenges faced by Latinx artists working in multiple cultural and linguistic contexts in New York City, while fostering a supportive peer community of artists advocating for themselves and each other.