Creative Capital Announces 2023/24 Grant Cycle—Wild Futures: Art, Culture, Impact

In celebration of our upcoming 25th Anniversary, Creative Capital is pleased to announce “Wild Futures: Art, Culture, Impact”— the one-time theme for our next grant cycle in 2023/2024. Over a two-year period, the Creative Capital Awards will provide up to $5 million in grants to help realize 100 artists’ projects with awards of up to $50,000 with additional advisory services per project. Since our founding in 1999, Creative Capital has been committed to funding freedom of expression through groundbreaking ideas in art and to helping artists build sustainable careers through our transformative giving model of combining financial and professional support.

We invite artists to propose experimental, risk-taking projects in the performing arts, technology, literature, visual arts, and moving image, which push boundaries formally and thematically, and/or venture into wild, out-there, never-before-seen concepts and future universes real or imagined. Ultimately, we seek proposals for groundbreaking new work—including, but not limited to, work that attends to the many relationships between social, economic, and environmental justice, and advances the global dialogue around critical issues impacting the sustainability of artists, our communities, our planet, and beyond.


Artists are invited to propose innovative new projects for the Creative Capital Awards in the following areas (projects will be evaluated by external reviewers with expertise in the qualifying fields). We invite artists to submit their proposals based on which area experts are most suited and qualified to review the project proposal, with the understanding that radical art is often by nature interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, or antidisciplinary. By choosing to apply within a certain disciplinary category, we are asking you to choose how you want to frame the discussion around your work and to indicate which experts are most qualified to evaluate your project proposal.

Creative Capital is fiercely committed to groundbreaking ideas that challenge what art can be. As countless visionary projects selected for the Creative Capital Awards have demonstrated, impactful ideas are embedded in the work of forward-thinking artists in a myriad of forms, often with the goal of imagining new forms of living.  In keeping with the spirit of the 17 UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and Project Drawdown 100 Ways to Reverse Global Warming, we too have an expansive definition of “sustainability” that goes far beyond climate change and the environmental challenges we face including: good health and wellbeing, affordable and clean energy, reduced inequalities, life on land, and peace, justice, and strong institutions.

2023—50 Awards

  • Performing Arts: including dance, theatre, music, jazz, sound, non-traditional opera, multimedia performance, and socially engaged and/or sustainable performance-based practices
  • Technology: including digital art, gaming, interdisciplinary arts, AR, VR, or XR, bio art, AI, data visualization, net art, new genres, and socially engaged and/or sustainable technology-based practices
  • Literature: including fiction, poetry, nonfiction, genre-defying literary work, and socially engaged and/or sustainable text-based practices

2024—50 Awards

  • Visual Arts: including painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, architecture, design, multimedia, installation, video art, new genres, craft, and socially engaged and/or sustainable visual art-based practices
  • Moving Image/Film: including experimental film, short film, animation, documentary film, narrative film, and socially engaged and/or sustainable moving image-based practices

About Creative Capital

Founded in 1999, Creative Capital is a nonprofit organization that has awarded more than $50 million to groundbreaking artists in the performing arts, visual arts, literature, film, technology, and multidisciplinary arts. Creative Capital also provides professional development workshops, educational programs, and public programs which have served more than 30,000 artists nationwide. Creative Capital seeks to amplify the voices of artists working in all creative disciplines and catalyze connections to help them realize their visions and build sustainable practices.

Creative Capital has provided funding to 783 artists and 631 projects. Creative Capital Awardees impact global arts and culture and have gone on to receive additional prestigious honors, including: 127 Guggenheim Fellowships, 17 MacArthur “Genius” Fellowships, 3 Academy Awards and 13 nominations, 1 Booker Prize, and countless other accolades.