Yuka C Honda

No Revenge Necessary is multimedia operatic theater piece—a story about humans surviving in an environmentally scarred future. The story contains a surprise that awakens us to the quality and beauty that we as humans possess. It takes place in a future where conditions on Earth have become dire. World leaders rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to calculate what the best means for human survival are, which has resulted in AI creating a colony in outer space. Humans are faced with a choice, and many choose to leave, departing in a massive spaceship to a new home. The humans who elected to stay—in a sense, to be sacrificed—are told by the AI that they are actually the ones who will save Earth, as they possess the character and inner strength required to do so—a surprising revelation. To cope with and survive the poisonous atmosphere, these remaining humans elect to become hybrids. These hybrids must also contend with two Earthlings who refuse to change their biology, thus living in isolation.