Brooklyn, New York
Architecture & Design, Bio Art

Field is a research-led landscape intervention that investigates the widespread use of manicured lawns in public spaces. Representing the homogeneity, control, and order visible in most contemporary civic spaces, these lawns are ecologically unsustainable, comprising usually of genetically modified seeds that do not flower and requiring extensive resources. In collaboration with city partners, the project will temporarily pause the routine mowing and fertilizing of civic lawns for one season. Bio-sculptures, impregnated with native wildflower seeds will slowly dissolve into the growing grasses, introducing new birth cycles on the lawns. Generating unexpected encounters amongst people, birds, animals, weeds, and flowers, Field creates a living archive, a transitory zone of interaction between natural and constructed systems that reimagines the presence of the body within an ever-changing landscape. Presently focused in Governors Island in New York City and Oakland, the project will also develop internationally in São Paulo and Delhi.

Supermrin is an Indian artist working at the intersections of architecture, art, and design. Through research-led, speculative, and site-specific interventions, she constructs space as a living host and embodied nurturance. She is interested in conceptions of reality, pleasure, and nature within eastern practices. Supermrin is a visiting artist at Pratt GAUD, and an assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati. She is the founder of Streetlight, a critical spatial laboratory for decolonizing design within public space. Her work has been exhibited at the Headlands Center for the Arts, the San Francisco Mint, the First Presbyterian Church of New York, ChaShaMa, and the India Habitat Center.