Stephanie Acosta


Under Glass You Watch Me Rot is an interdisciplinary exploration of the precarity of visibility. Through performance and multimedia installation, a team of diverse collaborators join Stephanie Acosta to explore the lost nuances in identity work, the challenges of specificity, and the ways in which being witnessed can deter being seen. The project uses multiple discursive tactics to culminate in evening length and durational performances that take place alongside an exhibition.

A vanitas of fruits encased in hand blown glass cover a table, floors speckled with escaped 2D representations of fruits and insects, their voided spaces puncture the custom designed printed vinyl on the wall resembling a haunted iteration of oilcloth table covers. A soundscape fills the space with a durational loop that shifts, seamlessly morphing from interior to exterior experience, performers enter and exit through body and voice to unfold an experimental portrait of the existential experience of thriving to be honestly seen.

Stephanie Acosta is an interdisciplinary artist who places the materiality of the ephemeral at the center of her practice, questioning meaning-making and manufactured limitations through blending performance with practice-based and studio research.