how to perform an abortion (Maureen Connor, Landon Newton, Eugenia Manwelyan, Kadambari Baxi)

New York, New York
Social Practice, Artistic Activism

The Abortion Garden Clinic Kit re-imagines the abortion clinic as a site of support, history, resources and care. The collaborative, how to perform an abortion, works to create a clinic that should exist for those seeking an abortion. They replace a clinic’s often stark medical interiors with historical information, games, childcare, comfortable furnishings, wallpaper, abortifacient plant companions and more. Patients and visitors have access to downloadable video and audio recordings and reading material about post-procedure care and recovery. Plant ID booklets and library resources connect patients to the 250,000 years of human reproductive history. They collaborate with existing abortion clinics and provide Clinic Kits and support in re-imagining the clinic waiting room. The collaboration supports full spectrum reproductive care, a model that serves from puberty through menopause without limits or coercion.

how to perform an abortion is an intergenerational collective using visual art and pedagogy to expand reproductive justice in both arts and clinical contexts. Using gardens, informational kits, workshops, and re-imagined clinic waiting rooms, they expose the obscured histories of reproductive practice. In addition to the Abortion Clinic Kit and Garden, they are working on Found Monument: Abortion Performance, a garden which highlights and labels abortifacient perennials already growing wild at Unison Art Center, New Paltz, NY and Abortion Herb Garden, with abortifacient herbs planted in the shape of a genetic map representing the Last Universal Common Ancestor at Denniston Hill, Glen Wild NY.