Maura Brewer


Rosy is an essay video about a 2018 film written and directed by Jess Bond—Paul Manafort’s oldest daughter—also called Rosy. Bond’s second feature length film, Rosy is a neo-noir thriller about a young, stylish woman who is kidnapped and held in the basement of a midcentury home by a young man who is in love with her. Around the time that Jess was working on Rosy, she was also involved in a series of real estate scams and financial crimes directed by her now ex-husband Jeffrey Yohai and her father. For this project, Brewer is reediting Rosy to make it a film about real estate flipping, money laundering, and Ponzi schemes—in short, it will be a film about capitalism. Rosy is a film noir, a genre that depicts a corrupt world. Brewer’s video will also be in the style of film noir, constructed “on top of” Bond’s noir. As part of the research for this project, Brewer has been working for a private investigator and her investigation into Bond’s complicity with her husband’s crimes will be the content of her video.

Maura Brewer is a video artist. She makes essayistic videos that explore the intersection of feminism and neoliberal capitalism through the lens of popular culture. Her videos combine imagery from many sources, including appropriated footage from Hollywood films and the internet, diagrammatic animations, and voice-over narration to deconstruct familiar narratives and expose hidden power dynamics. She is a cofounder of the Rational Dress Society, an experimental design collective that makes JUMPSUIT.