Jordan Weber


4 Malcolm X Greenhouse is an architectural and programmatic artwork built from an ideation of community holistic health. The greenhouse mimics the shape of Malcolm X’s childhood home built on his birth site in Omaha, and features meditation programs, phytoremediation plant distribution, and youth art workshops focused on urban sustainability and environmental justice.

4MX Greenhouse is positioned at a high architectural vantage point overlooking seventeen acres of native grassland once inhabited by the Omaha Tribe. The project itself occurs across four related pillars of health, M1–M4. M-1 is the self-identifier and reflects a legacy of self-empowerment and determination through architecture. M-2 cleanses soil and air toxins via a phytoremediation plant nursery and EPA-lead soil remediation program to mitigate violence upon black owned land. M-3 is meditation put into practice with perennialism-based programming featuring a Zendo and Salah prayer space overlooking the grasslands. M-4, the foundation, is medicinal food supply. This is the farm to table identity of the greenhouse edified by holistic health derived from vegetation grown on site.

Jordan Weber is a Des Moines-based multidisciplinary artist and activist who works at the cross section of social justice and environmental justice. Jordan is best known for a series of deconstructed police vehicles turned community gardens/workout equipment and re-contextualized abandoned structures.