Jessica Kingdon


UNTITLED PRC PROJECT is a kaleidoscopic journey through China’s industrial supply chain, revealing paradoxes born from prosperity of the world’s emergent superpower. With a cinematic lens, the film questions what living the so-called “Chinese Dream” actually looks like today. China’s historic shift from “the world’s factory” to a hub of innovation is shaping the future of the world’s technologies and industries. It’s a place of struggle, hard work, monotony, conspicuous consumption, pollution, progress, and repression all at once. The film explores how new forms of economic cycles translate into day-to-day life for people across all class lines. The film weaves disparate places together to show an unexpected yet intrinsic interconnectedness. Through these divergent processes we see how innovation and (self) exploitation go hand-in-hand as people attempt to climb higher up the social ladder. The film delivers a nuanced understanding of the growing behemoth that is the nominally communist yet hyper-capitalist People’s Republic of China. 

Jessica Kingdon is a Chinese-American filmmaker named one of 25 New Faces of Film by Filmmaker Magazine. Her upcoming feature documentary UNTITLED PRC PROJECT is supported by organizations including SFFILM, Chicken & Egg, Cinereach, Sundance, and Field of Vision. Kira Simon-Kennedy and Nathan Truesdell are producers for the film.