Ilse Fernandez


Exodus Stories: Voices from the Caravan explores the motivating fears and unwavering hopes that lead thousands of Central American immigrants to join the phenomenon that was the 2018-19 migrant caravans. Murder, gangs, corruption, violence, unemployment, and political instability gave way to an unprecedented mass exodus where thousands made the perilous journey North by foot and hitching rides, with a singular purpose: to find salvation. At the border, resources are scarce as they desperately wait for weeks to months for their chance at legal US entry. Once inside, they must endure a grueling detention process and navigate a complex and overburdened legal system to make their often life or death case for asylum. Exodus Stories presents a cross-section of immigrant experiences and aspires to show the human side of a highly politicized issue. Through their intimate stories, the film examines the effect of current immigration policies and practices on this vulnerable population who have placed their hopes on finding a better life in the US.

Ilse Fernandez is a Colombian-born US immigrant who uses her filmmaking and photography to highlight social injustice to provoke discourse and activism. She has produced and directed over 200 hours of non-fiction/documentary series for networks including ABC, NBC, VICE, MTV, Netflix, Discovery Channel, A&E, National Geographic, and History Channel.