Hồng-Ân Trương

This photo and video-based project, We Are Beside Ourselves forges a material history for Asian American resistance, a history that frames the visualization of political identities in photographic terms of the legible. It asks: What is unseen? What has been refused to be acknowledged? This project suggests the powerful intimacies in political positions and attempts to cultivate a historical archive of solidarity.

Hồng-An Trương has long been interested in the life and work of Yuri Kochiyama, and the contested figure of former Black Panther and accused FBI informant Richard Aoki. Her own work as an activist in Durham, North Carolina led her to explore more deeply the legacies of their work and the larger invisibility of Asian-American activists in national narratives. We Are Beside Ourselves is about the material legacy of radical anti-racist movements, tracing the relationships between identity-centered groups in order to frame the way we think about our current anti-racist work.