Charlotte Glynn


The Gymnast is a feature length film set in 1993 in a decaying, former mill-town outside of Pittsburgh. For most people there’s little to look forward to but for 14-year-old Monica, an Olympic-aspiring gymnast, and her single father who has dedicated himself to his daughter’s success, the future looks bright. When Monica suffers a potentially career-ending injury, cracks form in their once-strong relationship as they each struggle to understand who they are without gymnastics. The Gymnast is a story of reinvention after loss and what happens when you lose the thing that gives your life meaning.

For most of her filmmaking career, Charlotte Glynn has been hyper-focused on her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, drawn to the region’s labor history and how this history is visible in the landscape. Glynn makes character-driven films that explore larger social issues. Since she began making films in Southwestern PA, the region has become more relevant in national conversations, adding significance to the stories she wants to tell. Her goal with The Gymnast is to make a film that will inspire dialogue about pressing social issues that will reach and connect with a diverse audience throughout the country.