Charles Goldman

The green building material, RE>CRETE> is made from shredded newspaper and junk mail, ground-up packing Styrofoam, home electronics wire, credit cards, CDs and DVDs, salvaged house paint, dryer lint, bleach, Portland cement, and glass pozzolan.

RE>CRETE>I>BEAM begins with the collection and mixing of materials from the community in which the structure will exist. This module takes the form of an I-beam, but they are stacked, like logs. The materials that are recycled and used in the recipe to create RE>CRETE> are materials that store and transmit information, power our homes and businesses, transport goods around the world and supply us with the funds to persist, essentially the tentacles of war.

RE>CRETE> is currently working to standardize the process in order to build on a larger scale, more rapidly, and developing a portable kit so that RE>CRETE> can be used in remote locations. RE>CRETE> will be tested for durability, weather-resistance, health impacts, insulation qualities and LEED certification. RE>CRETE>I>BEAM is one application of this multifaceted, conceptual material. The development of RE>CRETE> is an attempt to both grind down and rebuild the world – using its own waste.