Brent Michael Davids

“As we struggle against the deep legacy of racism in the United States, it’s high time for us to face and to mourn the genocide of Native Americans, on which this nation was founded. I’m proud to be associated with this project.” — John Luther Adams

From Standing Rock to the NFL, indigenous voices are rendered invisible. Requiem for America tackles the genocidal founding of America, and spins the traditional death mass on its head. Mohican composer Brent Michael Davids is originating the consummate anti-requiem giving voice to America’s invisible people, the American Indians. Davids reworks the traditional requiem, confronting the norms of concert music and the sanitized rhetoric of American history. Davids’s lyrics juxtapose genocidal texts from America’s founding against historical letters by American Indians themselves. Requiem unites the talents of a celebrated pair: composer Brent Michael Davids (Mohican) and choreographer Emily Johnson (Yup’ik). The goal is a performance in every US state, collaborating with local tribal communities. By joining forces, each performance hopes to build good relations with, and foster greater insights from America’s first inhabitants. Requiem sings of the invisibility and models the solution