Amy Jenkins


ADAM’S APPLE is a feature documentary in early production by Director Amy Jenkins with her teenage transgender son, Adam. Together they trace the transition of Adam from a pre-pubescent named Audrey to an evolving, charismatic young man named Adam in a resonant narrative that offers shared as well as contrasting perspectives.

As Adam, a vibrant 17-year-old, embarks on this much-anticipated physical transition to male, he and Jenkins document the struggles and triumphs of his emergence. With input from family, friends, and trans-male role models, Adam tells his own coming-of-age story as a trans-teen who is determining his path towards manhood. His story will be punctuated with monologues by older trans-males reading aloud their own teen journals in a performance-based manner, to bear witness to the experiences of transgender individuals from less supportive eras. Premiering in 2023, ADAM’S APPLE encourages understanding of and empathy for the transgender experience.

Amy Jenkins, a multi-disciplinary artist, was awarded the 2019 “Ewing Award for Interdisciplinary Art”, and the 2018 NHFF “Filmmaker of the Year.” Jenkins’ feature INSTRUCTIONS ON PARTING premiered at MoMA Doc Fortnight 2018; her short WISHES premiered at the Camden International Film Festival in 2019.