Legacy Russell: BLACK MEME


March 23, 2023 6:30PM ET


NYU Art History
Silver Center for Arts and Science
Room: 301

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Video essay still from Legacy Russell’s 2020 video essay BLACK MEME.

The Department of Art History & Urban Design and Architecture Studies invites you to attend the Annual Rosen Rosenblum Lecture for the 2022-23 Academic Year. This year’s lecture titled BLACK MEME will be given by Legacy Russell, the Executive Director & Chief Curator of The Kitchen.

BLACK MEME explores the construct, culture, and material of the “meme” as mapped to Black visual culture from 1900 to present day. Using archival media Russell explores the impact of blackness, Black life, and Black social death on contemporary conceptions of virality borne in the age of the Internet. Offering insight into Russell’s ongoing research and work, this lecture will touch on some of the subjects within her second book, BLACK MEME, forthcoming via Verso.

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