Jubilee 11213: The Keeping


May 13, 2023 6:00–8:00PM


Weeksville Heritage Center
Brooklyn, NY




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A figure in a white frock and headscarf stands on a pile of wagon wheels. Text reads "Jubilee 11213: The Keeping by Ebony Noelle Golden"

Jubilee 11213: The Keeping by Ebony Noelle Golden is a multi-site specific processional performance composed of live music, dance, storytelling, and poetry. The Keeping activates the entire Weeksville campus and four blocks bordering the center, and explores the legacy of sovereignty, autonomy for Black communities who established freedom towns and spiritual communities from the 1800’s until now. Informed by Weeksville’s archive and legacy, The Keeping is a theatrical ceremony informed by practices of social good, self-determination, spirituality, sensuality, and sovereignty as critical components of the Black liberation continuum.

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