Geometría Sagrada/ Sacred Geometry


7 pm

Galeria Ponce + Robles Madrid, Spain

In her first solo exhibition in Europe, the artist, Karina Aguilera Skvirsky, shows her most recent project, “Sacred Geometry” (2019) which explores Ingapirca, an archeological site in Ecuador, as a starting point to absorb the debates around the engineering feats of Inca architecture and insert the body into an archeological site. This project begins with an inquiry into the construction of Ingapirca (Inca Wall). Built in Pre-Colombian times by Incas and, subsequently, altered by Cañaris, it is the largest-known ruin in Ecuador, subject of speculation among scientists and the general public. The site has been photographed ad nauseum; its artifacts, dispersed internationally, and the mysteries of its construction are the subject of scientific advancement, tourism and parafictions.