Faye Driscoll: Thank You For Coming: Space


September 15–17, 2022


REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA



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A person contorted on a white floor.
Photo: Maria Baranova

Faye Driscoll’s Creative Capital Project, Thank You For Coming: Space, is a shared rite of passage—a conjuring of the transformative powers of presence and absence. The dance work unfolds within an intimate installation—wired for sound and upheld by pulleys, ropes, and the weight of others—where Driscoll appears alone with the audience. Through an alchemy of body, object, voice, and live sound, she builds a moving requiem for the human body, creating a world that is, like ourselves, alive and forever changeable. The human body—built for action, self-contained, and driven by its longing for the felt world—is at the center of the work. Space conjures the inevitable forces of loss and grief and asks: How do I reproduce you and talk about you now that you are gone?

The performance will be presented in-person and online.

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