Dohee Lee MU-9Goddesses



Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco

Previous Creative Capital project “Mago” constantly giving birth to next steps. After Mago premiered at YBCA in 2014 of personal journey with my own identity, ancestral trauma to present issues in my hometown in Korea, mythology and ritual, Now bridges into bigger community in the bay area and my hometown Jeju island in Korea, this coming May 21st through 23rd at same place YBCA 2020.

So much growth in these past many years of communities in the bay area engagements and field trip to my hometown Jeju in South Korea and deepening into indigenous spiritual practice in Island.

This project “MU” is part of the continuous of journey as immigrant, refuge, migrant communities talk through ancestral line, homeland, land that we are living now as home, what is home, roots, culture, ancestors and myth.
we put over 6 years of inquiry into our creative process as ritual practice.

I am proudly and humbly share this work with you all and please, come to my website
and you will see whole process of our past works that how we get into here now.