County Down and excerpts from Tour Without End to stream on Video Data Bank TV




Watch the feature version of County Down and excerpts from Tour Without End at VDBTV
“Viewed together, these two works describe Parnes’ fiercely unique cinematic style, simultaneously bellicose, punk, femme, otherworldly, and made for TV.” County Down includes: Stephanie Vella, Chloe Bass, Becca Blackwell, Ellen Cantor, Patty Chang, Marti Beaut, N-Pop Eisenman, Jim Fletcher, Every Ocean Hughes, Kate Valk, Sacha Yanow with soundtrack by Johanna Fateman and music by Jeighdie Samson and Wynne Greenwood. Costumes by Ggripo
Tour Without End excerpts include Lizzi Bougatsos, Kate Valk, Jim Fletcher, Kenya Robinson, Gary Indiana, Kathleen Hanna, Brontex Purnell, Eartheater, Eileen Myles and more…