CAMERALESS FILMMAKING Workshop: Photograms and Ray-o-grams



Sponsored by NW Film Fourm @ Pound Gallery, 1216 10th Avenue (between Pike and Seneca) Seattle WA

Engauge Experimental Film Festival is pleased to partner with Northwest Film Forum to present their second cameraless filmmaking workshop.

For fans of direct animation, contact printing, and photograms – this is a dream. No filmmaking experience is required to participate. No cameras means no new devices to learn the quirks of, no lenses to focus; no muss!

Experimental filmmaker and Emerson College Visual and Media Arts Prof. Kathryn Ramey will walk students through a range of ultra-accessible filmmaking processes, starting with painting unexposed stock with developer, which can be done with the lights on, and then photogramming in the dark! Small objects and materials (go wild – paper clips, beads, seed pods, earrings, pencil shavings – anything goes) layered on film can be exposed with flashlights, then your film can be turned into a positive by overlaying it on dry, developed film. We’ll even add soundtracks from found footage.

Some processes are immediately satisfying, some more gradually, but all can make it to being looped and projected before the workshop lets out. Let your creativity run wild, experimentalists! For an example of what comes out of Kathryn Ramey’s cameraless workshops, watch a video here >

This workshop takes place at Pound Gallery, 1216 10th Ave. (between Pike and Seneca)

Instructor Kathryn Ramey is the author of the book Experimental Filmmaking: Break the Machine (Focal Press, 2016).