Building Community for a Sustainable Creative Life, with Sharon Louden


March 16 - April 6, 2020



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In this four-part online workshop series on building a sustainable career and creative life, artist Sharon Louden will focus on leveraging artists’ inherent creativity, thinking outside the box about creating opportunities, and building relationships. Louden will review relevant information and examples of artists building communities that help empower those willing to put in the work to turn generosity into opportunities.

Content will include:

  • Honing communication skills
  • Methodologies to follow when a new opportunity is identified
  • Approaching arts professionals without a referral
  • Best practices for building a community of artists
  • Meeting the needs and wants of artists

Louden will share the expertise she has gained through collaborations and conversations with gallery owners, museum professionals, critics, curators, and others in different art communities. The workshop series is specifically designed to empower artists, demonstrate pragmatic approaches to sustaining a creative life, and build relationships into communities.

In addition, there will be multiple touch-points of correspondence between Sharon and participants throughout the four-week duration that will include extensive sharing of documents and answering of questions. In-between these sessions, participants will have access to an online forum where they can stay in touch, share information and resources, and build community outside of the class sessions.

At the conclusion of the series, Sharon will be made available for one-on-one consultations where she can answer questions specific to each artist’s situation.

Workshop Dates:

  • Part 1: Monday, March 16, 7-8:30pm ET
  • Part 2: Monday, March 23, 7-8:30pm ET
  • Part 3: Monday, March 30, 7-8:30pm ET
  • Part 4: Monday, April 6, 7-8:30pm ET

Additional one-on-one consultations
After the workshop series concludes, participants will be given the opportunity to sign up for an additional one-on-one consultation with Sharon Louden. Consultations are 45-minutes long and take place by phone or video conference. The price is $90. 15 sessions will be made available.

This online workshop series will be recorded. The recordings will be shared with all registered participants after the workshop concludes, regardless of whether a participant attends the live workshop. The recordings will be available online to registrants indefinitely; they are not available for download.