Anne Patterson at Trapholt Museum’s Exhibition on Synesthesia


September 12, 2019 - January 6, 2020


Æblehaven 23
6000 Kolding, Denmark

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How do we sense the world? Can you taste music? What do colours smell like? And do you feel more comfortable in a chair because it’s red? The Trapholt Museum in Denmark presents an exhibition that taps into the keen interest in the senses evident in our day and age. Research has shown that we humans are multisensory: our senses are closely entwined. Our senses can assist, but also manipulate our perception and understanding of the world. Being aware of our senses paves the way for richer experiences. If we are not sufficiently conscious, we may have difficulty understanding why we and others react as we do.

Anne Patterson’s Pathless Woods invites the visitor to leave the reality of the museum and enters into another—a constructed synesthetic experience where the senses are encouraged to overlap. The visitor is invited to walk through and interact with the forest of ribbon and multi-media projections. Mimicking life, the path through the ribbon is at times very clear, and at other times not. Visitor are encouraged to find their own paths, and in doing so, evoke a sense of joy.

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