Yotam Mann

Brooklyn, NY

Yotam Mann discovered the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies while studying music at UC Berkeley. The Center opened his eyes to a new way of making music with technology that eventually inspired him to earn a second degree in Computer Science. Mann’s own music began to reflect the techniques and compositional ideas that he was exposed to, but with an aesthetic that was decidedly more pop than New Music. As soon as it became technologically feasible, he began working exclusively within the web browser because of its interactive affordances and ability to reach wider audiences than any other platform. Now based in New York, Mann continues to work at the intersection of music and technology by way of the art and start-up scene. He creates interactive musical experiences for apps, websites and installations. He was part of the inaugural class at NEW INC and is an adjunct professor at ITP, NYU Tisch.

Interactive Music

Yotam Mann makes music using code, interactive websites, and unique installation projects.

Artist Bio

Interactive music is created collaboratively between the composer and the listener. Existing on the spectrum between instrument and fixed song, the primary assumption of this type of music is that audiences want to actively create music rather than passively consume it. Unlike an instrument or digital audio workstation, interactive music experiences are idiosyncratic and opinionated, reflecting the background and viewpoint of their creators. As part of Interactive Music, Yotam Mann will compose new interactive musical experiences; these pieces will not be limited to the browser, but will also take the form of installations, physical instruments and a live event that will engage audiences in the creation of music.

Award Year

In Progress