Ricardo Dominguez

Ricardo Dominguez

San Diego, CA

Ricardo Dominguez is a co-founder of Electronic Disturbance Theater with Carmin Karasic, Brett Stalbaum and Stefan Wray, co-Director of the THING, an ISP for artist and activist, a former member of Critical Art Ensemble, and has been a member of the New York Zapatistas since 1994. His performances have been presented in museums, galleries, theater festivals, hacker meetings, tactical media events, and as direct actions on the streets and around the world. Ricardo has also appeared in Coco Fusco video art work A/K/A and in Peggy Ahwesh’s film The Star Eaters. His collaboration with Diane Ludin was presented at ISEA 2004. He has also worked with Fakeshop, Jennifer and Kevin Mccoy, Jordan Crandall, and Rev. Billy among many other trouble making artists. He teaches at the University of California at San Diego in the visual arts department.

Anchors for Witnessing

Ricardo Dominguez

Artist Bio

Anchors for Witnessing, an internet-based activist art project created by Ricardo Dominguez for Electronic Disturbance Theater, uses technology to creatively link communities beyond the First World high-band superhighway to address U.S./Mexico border issues, economic policy, and human rights. Anchors for Witnessing allows participants to use technology to subvert power and focus attention on human rights issues in the U.S. and Mexico. Following in the tradition of activist groups from the Berliner Ensemble to rtMark, Anchors for Witnessing‘s goal is to accelerate the pace of both media art making and dissemination.

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