Michael Premo

New York, NY

Michael Premo is an artist, journalist, filmmaker, and civic engagement strategist, whose work illuminates timely issues of crisis and recovery through participatory documentary. He is the Executive Producer of Storyline, a production company building power with story and strategy. Recent projects include the audio- and photo-based exhibit 28th Amendment: Housing is a Human Right, the participatory documentary Sandy Storyline, the short film and exhibit Water Warriors, and the PBS series Veterans Coming Home. Sandy Storyline won the first ever Transmedia award at Tribeca Film Festival, and lauded by the jurors as a snapshot “to future generations seeking to understand a single moment in our stewardship of the planet… [serving] as a model for narratives surrounding future moments of crisis.” Water Warriors is currently touring film festivals and has won nine awards. Premo has produced projects with the Hip-Hop Theater Festival, the Peabody Award-winning StoryCorps and The New York Times, and was an Impact Producer for Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything. He is an affiliate facilitator with the Interaction Institute for Social Change and a board member of A Blade of Grass and the Center for Story-Based Strategy.

Untitled Documentary Project

Michael Premo is an artist, journalist, and documentary storyteller. His career has been dedicated to building a more equitable and just future through democratic collaboration and creativity.

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Untitled Documentary Project explores issues in contemporary America, expanding on Michael Premo’s practice of documenting timely national matters through participatory documentary.

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