Marina Zurkow

Marina Zurkow

Brooklyn, NY

Marina Zurkow makes psychological, animated narratives about humans and their relationship to animals, plants and the weather. These have taken the form of multi-channel videos, customized multi-screen computer pieces, cartoons, and interactive mobile works. Since 2000, Zurkow has exhibited at The Sundance Film Festival, The Rotterdam Film Festival, The Seoul Media City Biennial, Ars Electronica, Creative Time, The Kitchen, The Walker Art Center, The National Museum for Women in the Arts, and Eyebeam, along with other venues. She has been a NYFA Fellow and a Rockefeller New Media Fellow. Zurkow is on faculty at NYU’s Interactive Technology Program (ITP) and lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is represented by Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in New York.

Nicking the Never

Marina Zurkow

Artist Bio

Nicking the Never is a multi-linear installation that incorporates screen-based animated narratives into a sculptural interface. Composed of allegories about a young girl stuck in a kinetic world of emotional pitfalls, this kaleidoscopic trip into the states of selfhood bases its structure in the Tibetan Buddhist Wheel of Existence, whose images luridly and vividly describe the human struggle with need, jealousy, complacence, aggression, desire, and ego. Borrowing this emotional taxonomy, Nicking the Never unfolds in six corresponding short chapters: Guzzle, Bash, Buoy, Smash, Nuzzle, and Dash.

Animation, Sculpture
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