Jeffrey Scher

Brooklyn, NY

Jeffrey Scher has been creating animated and live-action films since 1974, and has influenced many younger animators currently working in the medium. His films include Trigger Happy, Prisoners of Inertia, and Reasons to Be Glad; these have been screened on PBS, HBO, and Showtime, released theatrically in Europe and domestically, and presented at festivals internationally. Scher has taught at Columbia University since 1990. He is the recipient of awards from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Jerome Foundation, among others.

You Won’t Remember This

Jeffrey Scher

Artist Bio

You Won’t Remember This is a twenty to thirty-minute animation shot on 16mm film. The film is conceived as an interpretive opera about the visual world of a baby, shot entirely from the baby’s subjective viewpoint. The film follows a three-act structure, beginning with the dream images of a pre-natal infant, just before birth, followed by an interpretation of birth from inside. The second act is a surreal segment of motion and shifting light in black and white, comprised of impressions and events from the trip home from the hospital, sleeping and dreaming, and the emerging realm of sight and perception. A gradual shift to color-perception serves as a bridge to the third act, which begins with the baby’s discovery of his own hands. You Won’t Remember This employs a broad range of animation techniques, from cell animation to painting on film, along with optically manipulated live action.

Animation, Opera
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