Cherien Dabis

Cherien Dabis

New York, NY

Cherien Dabis is an award-winning narrative filmmaker, television writer and producer. She was born in Omaha, Nebraska to Palestinian immigrant parents and was raised between small town Ohio and Amman, Jordan. Studying dance and theater in her youth, she went on to earn her MFA in film from Columbia University. Drawing from her background as a first generation Arab American, Dabis’ films focus on cross-cultural issues with a perceptive, anthropological eye to depict worlds seldom seen on the big screen. She takes a human approach to her storytelling, one in which people take center stage. Her thematic concerns include identity politics, displacement, otherness, tolerance, human resilience and the power of family. Her feature films May in the Summer (2013) and Amreeka (2009) both had their world premieres at the Sundance Film Festival; short films include Not Another Word (2013) and Make A Wish (2006).

No End In Sight

Cherien Dabis is an award-winning narrative filmmaker, television writer and producer.

Artist Bio

No End In Sight is an immersive, site-specific, interactive cinematic experience blending traditional narrative with improvised performances, detailed design and multimedia components. Moving through installations within interconnected rooms, the audience is transported to another time and place as they follow the story of a young Muslim woman—an aspiring journalist and activist fighting for democracy and women’s rights in the Egyptian revolution. Like Dabis’ previous work, No End In Sight is global in its consciousness and intimate in its approach; unlike her previous work, it strives to deepen its connection to the audience by dropping them into the narrative and allowing them to experience epic storytelling inside a sensory, cinematic world.

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