Caveh Zahedi

Caveh Zahedi

New York, NY

Caveh Zahedi has made five features and over a dozen shorts, primarily humorous experimental autobiographies. His works include The Sheik And I (2012), I Am A Sex Addict (2006), Tripping With Caveh (2003), In The Bathtub of The World (2001), I Don’t Hate Las Vegas Anymore (1994), and A Little Stiff (1991). Zahedi has won awards from the Rotterdam Film Festival, the Ann Arbor Film and Video Festival, the Athens International Festival and the Atlanta Film and Video Festival. He has received funding from the Film Arts Foundation, the Guggenheim Foundation, The Parsa Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, among others.

I Am a Sex Addict

Caveh Zahedi

Artist Bio

I Am a Sex Addict is a feature-length, autobiographical documentary about the filmmaker’s struggle with sex addiction. It tells the story of how his sex addiction started, how it escalated out of control, and how he was finally able to put it behind him.

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