Catherine Herdlick

Catherine Herdlick

San Francisco, CA

Catherine Herdlick is a digital artist and game designer specializing in integrating digital communications with real world play. Her work has been experienced on the internet, across the towns and trails of the southern states, and in the bike lanes of Brooklyn and Manhattan. She was the director of production at the New York-based independent game studio Gamelab for over five years and a community and product manager at Lime Wire before starting her own game company. She has also worked with such institutions as the Brooklyn and Boston Children’s Museums to produce public spectacles of creativity, and is one of the co-founders of the highly acclaimed Come Out & Play Festival, which she continues to help direct. Herdlick holds an MFA in design and technology from Parsons The New School of Design, where she focused her course of study on play and experience design.

The Cowgirl Way Society

Catherine Herdlick

Artist Bio

The Cowgirl Way Society is a transmedia game about cowgirl folklore that invites player/participants to adopt various—sometimes even opposing—roles such as athlete, beauty queen, rustler, judge, arbiter, audience, adversary, collaborator, or gambler in the name of advancing their well-meaning but cultish society. Under the guise of these roles, players self-consciously define and refine their own identity within an alternate version of America’s great Wild West mythology where nothing is as ephemeral as it seems (except maybe the future). At The Cowgirl Way Society online and live events, people are animals and gender doesn’t matter—anyone can be a cowgirl. At least for as long as the society can survive.

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