Investing in Artists Who Shape the Future


Image still from This World Made Itself by Miwa Matreyek

Creative Capital is a nonprofit organization that supports innovative and adventurous artists across the country through funding, counsel, gatherings, and career development services.

Creative Capital seeks to amplify the voices of artists working in all creative disciplines and catalyze connections to help them realize their visions and build sustainable practices.

Since 1999, Creative Capital has awarded more than $50 million in funding to 783 artists and 631 projects. Creative Capital Awardees impact global arts and culture and have gone on to receive additional prestigious honors, including: 127 Guggenheim Fellowships, 17 MacArthur “Genius” Fellowships, 3 Academy Awards and 13 nominations, 1 Booker Prize, and countless other accolades.


Support Brave & Innovative Ideas

Artists have the power to push our societal conversation forward, asking difficult questions and taking personal risks. We aim to support the latest thinking that challenges cultural and aesthetic conventions and pushes boundaries.

Generosity & Resource Sharing

We encourage a spirit of mutual generosity among artists and partners and seek to foster exchange. This cultural commons is critical to building a flourishing ecosystem of artist support, one that thrives on collaboration and reaches inside and outside of traditional cultural centers to be accessible to artists nationwide.

Diversity & Inclusion

We serve artists representing a diversity of disciplines, education and career levels, abilities, ages, genders, ethnicities, cultures and geographic locations. We are proud to support their work and protect their freedom of expression. We are advocates against oppressive practices and barriers that limit artists and actively work to create a more inclusive and equitable culture within our organization and the field.

Artist Support

Through an open application process, Creative Capital identifies and selects artists from all disciplines to receive the Creative Capital Award. We provide each project with $50,000 in direct funding allocated at key intervals in project development, combined with additional deep mentorship and advisory services. Since 1999, we have awarded over $50 million in project funding and advisory support to 631 projects representing 783 artists.

Creative Capital Award

Peer-to-Peer Workshops

We provide the tools and strategies needed to gain self-sufficiency as artists. This spirit of community building and resource sharing inspired us to create a full suite of workshops accessible to artists everywhere. Since 2003, our artist-led career advancement and educational programs that have reached 30,000 artists.


Community & Connections

We organize gatherings around the country that include the Creative Capital Artist Retreat. These gatherings provide important networking and collaboration-building opportunities, as well as connections to local communities, cultural leaders, and supporters of the arts. From informal dinners to multi-day discussions and workshops, we believe in the power of uniting around creative ideas.

Retreat & Gatherings


Creative Capital was formed in 1999 as a way to reinvent cultural philanthropy in an effort to support innovative artists, and it picked up some tenets of venture capital in doing so – specifically the ideas of providing infusions of funding at key moments in an artist’s project, surrounding the artist with mentors and access to a network of cultural experts, and hosting retreats for artists to pitch their projects and express what they need to a large audience of cultural producers and stakeholders.

Founded in response to the National Endowment for the Arts’ termination of the majority of its grant programs for individual artists, Creative Capital is animated by a fierce commitment to freedom of expression. We particularly value forward-thinking and boundary-blurring work, and seek out projects that could not be realized without the additional support we provide.

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