Listen Up: Six Jazz + Music Projects We’re Funding

Jazz + Music.

Discover groundbreaking artists that are imagining the future of sound. Explore six forward-thinking Jazz + Music projects we are funding which grapple with complex subjects, such as genocide, gender inequality, and unexplored histories as part of our 2023 “Wild Futures: Art, Culture, Impact” Awards.

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Jaimeo Brown Transcendence. Jaimeo Brown, Frumiesha Brown, Jaleel Shaw, & Chris Sholar

Jaimeo Brown Transcendence utilizes early African American art through the use of archival recordings and early African American imagery as source material to create new multimedia presentations.

photo of exhibit, including “Conseulo en B-639” (Kokayi), Jazzwoman” (Tracy Love and Terri Lyne Carrington), “Rest: Space Between the Notes” (Tracy Love), corkboard “Road Work”, and Joe Diggs painting “Valaida Snow” (from right to left) Terri Lyne Carrington

The Jazz Without Patriarchy Project is a multimedia, interdisciplinary installation, curriculum, and programming series aiming to reimagine jazz through the lens of gender equity.

“Requiem for America” logo image is a map of America state-by-state where genocides occurred; It’s the entire American map. Brent Michael Davids

Requiem for America tackles the genocidal founding of America, challenging music norms and sanitized historical rhetoric to give voice to America’s invisible people: American Indians.

Transparent synthesizer with electronics Sister Engineering

Counterpoise is a sonic meditation utilizing handmade electro-acoustic instruments to study the technological sublime of opposing elements coexisting to create musical poem.

large fabric doll embellished with beads and paint Terry Jenoure

Secret to Life features original compositions performed by an ensemble of women of color (WOC) based on private stories or “secrets” of WOC, gathered through interviews and guided writing.

DETROIT. Kassa Overall

DETROIT is a three-part visual EP that uses music and moving image to fuse severed roots and uncover new angles in the continuum of Black American Music.

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